Just a girl living in the world waiting for marenetha.

It’s hard for me to talk about myself.  Humility is something I eagerly desire: to be completely empty of myself and filled with Him.  That’s not why it’s hard to talk about myself, though.  At my core is a selfishness that grows with each breath I take so my lack of communication comes from my spiritual desire to die.  In the last few years I have experienced tremendous growth thanks to Holy Spirit.  I have seen miracles according to The Lord’s promises. I have become freer and shared more of myself than I ever knew could be possible.  I have tasted and seen.

Many seek to destroy the passion I have.  Many seek to snuff out the flame of fire He gives. I am steadfast and sure that I want nothing more than to praise His name.  Though my heart is deceitfully wicked to the extent that it cannot be known by any man, I rejoice that He has given me His heart which holds a love that cannot be contained or explained.  So join me as Holy Spirit takes over and I am guided by my angels, Joy – Peace – Hannah.




2/8/17 for now I’ll be adding lots of things back and forth in time. I’m going through notebooks and journals.  Soon I’ll be posting as the writings happen.


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