to the troubles and questions of my heart God said:

What do you seek from me, my child?  Is it true revelation of My heart or do you look to find what it is that will make your heart flutter?  How can I reveal Myself to you when your mind is consumed with that which cannot satisfy you?  When you truly surrender, you will know; My heart will become yours and that which you seek will only concern Me.

For now you only see in part, but when you find yourself hidden in Me, then can you fully see all that I have for My children.  Then you will have new eyes and you’ll see mysteries and wonders that are not yet in the natural, but will be in the generation to come (for who you now lay a foundation and dig to enrich the ground so that My Word may be planted and grow to produce fruit and fulfill promises of old).

Hide yourself in Me.  Exchange your heart for Mine and I will give you eyes to see.



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