When I try to write based on what you’ve already done, I cannot.  The words of before, when they are truly inspired by You then they cannot be duplicated by anyone.  It’s just an imitation, a perversion, a copy and possess no real power or inspiration.  You fall fresh each day, Lord, fall fresh on me tonight.


The position of our hearts has everything to do with how we hear from God.  When out hearts are lined up with His then it doesn’t matter if we’re experiencing the deepest and darkest despair because He can and will still speak to us.  Directly to us–all we need do is sit, waiting and expecting Him to show up.  If at the end of things the dead will rise in the twinkling of an eye then how fast will You show up to show out on our behalf?

How is it that there can be people healing and casting out demons in Your name who yet in the end will hear, “Depart from me, I never knew you!”?  Because the position of their heart was to receive the glory You reserved for Yourself; their end was evil and crooked, seeking riches and fame.  Your Word says the heart that you accept or the heart that you don’t despise is broken and contrite, not self-seeking or haughty.

It feels unfair that others get to feel you so tangibly, even the religious people get to feel something and call it a touch from you.  I know that your presence comes from You and though a person may usher in Your presence I cannot receive Your presence that way unless through an impartation.


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