When we’re on the potter’s wheel He’s shaping and molding us to perfection.  Then he sets us out in the air to dry and He picks us up again, sprinkles us with water so He can continue to mold and shape us.

Or we become rebellious and unteachable for a season but He doesn’t throw us away; He puts us in the large pot with the wet clay until we break down and become malleable again.

Then he scoops us up and throws us on the wheel again to shape and mold us–the beginnings of perfection.  Then He wets towels and covers us and puts us in a locker until He’s ready to re-work us.  And if we’re ready and it’s not out time yet He doesn’t neglect us but He pull us out of the locker and sprays us with water so we don’t harden completely.  Then He works and re-re-works us.  He sets us out to dry for a bit.  He doesn’t stop there though; He pours water all over us to shape and mold us some more.


When the tempest comes the righteous are established. (Proverbs 10:25)
Photo Credit: @camillebeckles


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