Look out and see.

All that is here, existing for My name, is available to you.  I want you here.  Your love for me must be greater than the love you have for others and for yourself.  I am here. Seek me.  Give me everything that you have, and give me everything that you are.  I want you.  I choose you.  Everything I say is the truth.  Believe in me.  I love you.



Do you feel like you aren’t enough? That’s good–because you aren’t.  The amazing thing about God is that it doesn’t matter.  He said He could even make a rock cry out; He used a donkey to speak in the past.  How much more can He use a person who isn’t enough? He’ll fill you up to the point that you overflow, so that you can do His will.

Don’t be upset that you’re not enough.  Don’t give up because of that–He wants to use you in spite of that so that all the glory goes to Him.

10.8.16 [Q & A]

Q: How can I make peace, Father?

A: Joy brings peace.


When we release our burdens to the Lord we always get something in return: joy, peace, boldness, love.  He always replaces the icky with righteousness, purity, and grace.  We never need to worry about leaving the Throne Room empty because He fills our cup–not to the brim but He overflows it with excess of the Spirit.  And not the cheap stuff the world pawns off on us, but with excess of Himself such that we never run out of Him.


Lord, I am utterly destroyed and in despair, but not such as in the former days when I turned from Your presence and blocked my ears from Your rebuke.  Now it is as though my entire body is in rebellion against you, though I try to feed it Truth and Justice.  My mind is clear and I recognize that as the blessing of the Holy Spirit, but my body has regressed to the time when darkness covered my eyes and heart; when nothing but escape from this world brought peace or joy to my soul. Continue reading